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6 Benefits of Dancing for Your Physical and Mental Health

In this article, discover the benefits of dancing for your body and your quality of life. It helps us stay in shape, improve our mood and increase our strength and flexibility, among other benefits.

Dancing is one of the leisure activities which has been practiced across the whole world throughout history.

Mixing rhythmic movements with different kinds of music gives as a result a fun and healthy kind of exercise which we can practice at any time.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Dancing

Dancing offers many benefits for our physical shape so it is good to bear these in mind when we feel lazy about going out dancing.

1. Improves the Physical Health

There are many styles of dancing that we can choose between. There are also dances which have been specifically designed to improve our physical condition.

You can find these at any gym, because they combine movements which tone the body with rhythmic aerobic exercise.

This way, we can increase our physical performance, strength, flexibility and muscle tone while also improving our figure. Dancing defines our muscles without making them bigger, it makes us more athletic and it makes us more active people.

Let’s remember that one of the causes of obesity is a sedentary lifestyle and so dancing stimulates us by providing vitality, energy and positivity.

2. Helps to lose weight

When we dance we help our body burn excess calories. This way we can also lose weight and body fat while having fun. It is therefore a very pleasurable and healthy way of losing weight.

Some kinds of dancing stand out for using lots of energy. That is to say they help burn lots of calories in little time.

The most well-known ones are zumba, samba, belly dancing and Latin dances, for example.

3. Eliminates liquids and toxins

A good dancing session once or twice a week is an excellent habit to increase sweating. This is important to cleanse the body, because through sweating we help to eliminate excess liquids and harmful toxins.

For the same reason, it is important to stay well hydrated. In each dance session we tend to sweat a lot and lose a lot of body liquid. As a result, drinking water will revitalize us and help to hydrate our organs and joints.

This way we will also eliminate toxic substances which can make us ill if they accumulate.

4. Activates the circulation

People who suffer from circulation problems like heaviness in the legs, varicose veins or swelling should avoid having a sedentary lifestyle at all cost. However, being on your feet a lot without moving doesn’t help either. So, the best solution is to dance.

Dancing activates and improves the circulation of the whole body. The rhythm helps us get every muscle of the body moving, from the feet up to the head.

All we have to do is find the style which most fits our tastes, our age and our physical ability.

5. Improves social relationships

Some people prefer enjoying the benefits of dancing alone at home. However, when we practice any kind of dancing with a partner or in a group, it makes us spend a bit of time with other people each week.

Signing up to dance classes, for example, is an excellent idea for meeting new people who will enter our lives and widen our circle of friendships.

It makes us interact with others who share the same interests, with the potential for great friendships or even love.

6. Increases the self-esteem

The benefits of dancing go far beyond the physical results. As well as keeping us in shape and preventing illnesses, dancing also has a positive effect on our mood.

If we tend to prefer to stay home alone, then this is the right time to make ourselves dance.

Dancing can solve problems like shyness, loneliness and even sadness and shame. It is a very effective therapy for fighting periods of stress, isolation or grief.

Even if you don’t feel like it to start with, for sure after a session of dancing you’ll notice your mood has improved.

Via: HealthyWay | ActiveBeat

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