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Category: Healthy Food & Nutritions

Benefits and Uses of St Benedict’s thistle

St Benedict’s Thistle: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

St Benedict’s thistle (Cnicus benedictus), also called blessed thistle, is a phanerogamous plant belonging to the Asteraceae/Compositae family. It originates from the Mediterranean region, although these days it’s distributed in regions of the United States, …
Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

10 Great Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Daily consumption of dark chocolate (often known as bitter chocolate) could bring some health benefits. As it contains a higher percentage of cocoa, it is considered the healthiest of all the varieties that exist. Here …
Vegan Probiotics for Optimal Health

Top 10 Vegan Probiotics for Optimal Health

Vegan probiotics offer a variety of choices. Everybody wants to maintain a healthy gut. Microorganisms in a positive light also give your body health benefits. Good and bad bacteria referred to as gut microbiota abound …
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