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8 Male Erogenous Zones Every Woman Should Know About

If you think that male erogenous zones are limited to the genital area, then you’re mistaken! On the contrary, there are many areas that can cause men to get really aroused.

Keep reading to find out some male erogenous zones that you should know (and take advantage of) in order to increase the pleasure and satisfaction of your sexual encounters for both of you. Don’t miss out!

What are male erogenous zones?

The so-called ‘erogenous zones’ are parts of the body that, when stimulated, cause sexual excitement. These zones are usually characterized by a large number of nerve endings, making them more sensitive.

Their stimulation through caresses, kisses, or massage is an important part of foreplay and this helps to increase excitement. By carrying out this type of stimulation, it will be much easier for the person to reach orgasm, either through sexual intercourse or masturbation.

In general terms, a distinction is usually made between primary and secondary erogenous zones:

  • Primary erogenous zones. These are primarily the sexual areas, such as the genitals, which provoke a sexual response. They are, therefore, the vagina and clitoris in women, and the penis and testicles in men.
  • Secondary erogenous points. These are other areas that cause sexual excitement but depend on individual tastes as to which will be more of a turn on. So, for example, the ear is considered to be an erogenous zone. However, it may be very stimulating for some, and not so much for others.

Male Erogenous Points: A focus for pleasure

We’ll now reveal the male erogenous zones. Far from what people normally think, these aren’t exclusively concerned with the male genital area.

1. The penis

The penis is the erogenous zone par excellence in man, and a multitude of nerve endings are concentrated here. In particular, the frenulum area is especially sensitive. After being stimulated, it can lead to intense arousal.

2. The scrotum

Like the penis, the scrotum is also part of the male genitalia. It’s the ‘bag of skin’ that contains the testicles and protects them.

This genital area is also highly sensitive, and its stimulation greatly increases sexual excitement. In particular, although the entire area is erogenous, the raphe is the most stimulating – this is the central line that connects both halves of the scrotum.

3. The perineum

The perineum is the area that goes from the scrotum to the anus. There is a concentration of nerve endings there, whose stimulation can cause great sexual excitement. Therefore, including stimulation of the perineum in foreplay is a great way for the man to achieve maximum excitement.

4. The buttocks and anus

Following the route from the penis, the buttocks area and especially the anus are also very sensitive. You can increase a man’s libido by stimulating this area, and it’s a great addition to really exciting foreplay.

5. The thighs

Massaging a man’s inner thigh area is often a great turn on, as it’s also one of the male erogenous zones. In addition to this, the excitement increases as you move towards the genital area.

You can use this area as a starting point for sex games or a stimulating massage, with increasing excitement as you slowly move towards the genitals.

6. The mouth and lips

This is one of the areas that can really up the excitement, with passionate kissing, licking, caressing, and even biting. As you’d expect, the mouth, lips and tongue are one of the secondary erogenous zones that can turn people on most – it’s one of the most sensual and erotic areas.

So, to ignite your libido, there’s nothing better than using these parts of the body to create maximum desire and excitement.

7. Ears

The ear is one of the secondary erogenous points that’s common to both men and women. The most exciting part of it is the cartilage, where you can find more nerve endings.

So, kissing a man’s ear, rubbing it with your lips, playing with it, and even biting it, can considerably increase his excitement.

8. The neck and nape

These are areas that, when massaged, lead to relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Moreover, if we include its stimulation in foreplay, especially through an erotic massage with our hands or mouth, then the results can be even more exciting.

There’s no doubt that it’s a great idea to relax and enjoy caresses and really exciting games before intercourse.

Now put it into practice!

As you’ve seen, there are other erogenous zones in the male anatomy besides the genitals. So, there are no longer any excuses to not enjoy every part of your partner’s body in bed!

Of course, it’s always advisable to talk to your partner about what his preferences are, which areas excite him, and which ones he’d like you to stimulate. This will help you to get to know each other better and have some really great sexual experiences together.

Remember that, ideally, there shouldn’t be any taboos in sex. You should be able to openly explain what really ignites your libido, in order to have a really satisfactory and enjoyable sexual life.

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