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4 Home Remedies to Help You Treat Dry Skin Naturally

Dry skin is a fairly common problem that you’ve probably already experienced on some part of ​​your body.

We all have a particular skin type. Some experience oily skin on the so-called “T” zone and dry skin on the rest of the face. Others deal with dryness on the belly, elbows and knees while their face is oily.

In this article, you’ll learn how to treat dry skin naturally.

Identifying the characteristics of your skin is vital so that you can give it the necessary care. Even if you think you know your skin perfectly, take some time to work out the areas that are most prone to dryness and determine which are free from this problem.

Home Remedies to Treat Dry Skin Naturally

Then, follow the recommendations below to treat dry skin. You’ll find that they’re simpler than you may think!

1. Keep your body hydrated

Dehydration is the most common reason for dry skin, but also the easiest to solve. You just need to think how much water you consume per day.

It’s advisable to drink at least 2 liters (about 8 glasses) of water per day. This is a very common recommendation, but it’s not always enough.

If your lifestyle demands that you exercise a lot, spend many hours in the sun, or you’re dehydrated in some other way; it’s likely that 2 liters of water are not enough.

If you identify with the above, try increasing your daily consumption of this precious liquid. After a couple of days, you should notice improvements.

Try to increase you water consumption permanently and pay attention to your body whenever you feel dry.

2. Apply aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the best ingredients to be found in both cosmetics and alternative remedies. Regarding skin, this gel helps treat dry skin and sunburn.

To take advantage of the properties of this wonderful product, we recommend that you apply it directly to dry skin. You can use it as a substitute for the usual creams.

If the dryness appears on your legs or armpits after shaving with a razor, try applying aloe vera before shaving. It will act as a lubricant and help in shaving. When finished, rinse and enjoy your hydrated skin.

If your problem is more general, apply this simple and effective cream over the whole body and all dry areas.


  • ¼ liter of base cream
  • 100 ml of aloe vera gel
  • 25 ml of almond oil

Preparation and application:

  • Mix all ingredients.
  • Store the resulting cream in a plastic bottle.
  • Apply it like your usual cream.

This cream is very cheap and you can add an aroma with 5 ml of the essential oil of your choice.

You can find the base cream in any large pharmacy or cosmetics store. It’s one that has no aroma or color and is usually quite cheap.

3. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is another ingredient that has become really relevant in recent years. Every day we know more about its benefits, so the cosmetic industry is paying close attention.

This is a simple and very economical remedy to combat dry skin. The easiest is to use coconut oil naturally. For this, just take a little oil, rub it between your hands and apply it.

If you have dry lips, try swapping your lip balm for the following oil.


  • 1 empty tube of lipstick
  • 15 ml of coconut oil

Preparation and application:

  • Place the lipstick tube in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
  • Fill the tube with coconut oil, to the top or a few millimeters below.
  • Use it directly from the tube once it’s cold.
  • Always carry it with you.
  • Use it as often as you need.

We recommend that the lipstick tube you choose should have a screw cap, since the oil can melt with heat. It’s important that it seals well to avoid damage to your bag.

4. Glycerin

If the idea of ​​carrying coconut oil in your bag doesn’t excite you very much or you can’t get a hold of the ingredients for the cream, we can suggest a third remedy to treat dry skin: glycerin.

Glycerin is one of the best ingredients to fight dry skin. Using this you will get softer skin, and for a minimum investment.

Simply buy a little glycerin in your nearest supermarket. However, make sure that it doesn’t contain any extra coloring.

You can apply glycerin as many times as you want. At the beginning, you may need to apply it once every two hours. Afterwards, you can decrease the number of times.

Of these four ideas to treat dry skin, which one are you going to choose?

As you can see, you have some good options to treat dry skin. Always remember to start by drinking more water. Then, complement it with your favorite suggestion.

However, remember: avoid using these remedies on areas where you have oily skin.

Via: Top10HomeRemedies | StyleCraze

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