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10 Coconut Oil Facts You Need to Know – The Truth About This Amazing Oil

Coconut oil has quickly become a sensation online. There are so many success stories related to the claimed to be magical oil of wonders that people claim to have all kinds of powers thanks to its perfect molecular construction of fatty acids.

People use it as food, as a moisturizer, as hair medicine, to treat brain diseases and so much more!

We’ve gathered some of the most useful and most interesting coconut oil facts that will convince you to incorporate it in your everyday life.

1. Perfect molecular structure of fatty acids

With ninety perfect of fatty acids being accumulated inside the coconut oil, it makes it the absolute richest fountainhead for saturated fats known to humanity.

As time goes by scientist’s work do more and more research and thanks to it, the newest discovery states that saturated fats actually are not bad for you at all.

The idea of them triggering clogging of the arteries is all a myth. This is the case because coconut oil is not the same as a steak or some cheese.

The structure of coconut oil consists of Medium Chain Triglycerides.

These acids that are uniquely minimal length are absorbed in the liver. There they serve as sources of energy for the body.

These energy sources are very beneficial and help you out if you’re struggling with certain brain disorders, as well as Alzheimer’s.

coconut oil facts

2. Regions that incorporate coconut oil into their culture and lifestyle are one of the healthiest

Often coconut is actually considered to be exotic for the more Westernized parts of the world.

Usually its consumers are people who enjoy taking care of themselves and their health.

But for certain places, coconut oil is a part of people’s culture, their lifestyle, and pride.

As an example of a culture that uses the powers of this oil we have Tokelauans – a population known for consuming almost sixty percent of their daily calorie intake through coconut itself.

They are famous for consuming these saturated fats the most out of any other culture in the world.

You’re probably wondering “But, what are their health benefits?”

Most of the population is holding strong, being perfectly healthy. There are no signs or proof of heart disease.

3. Coconut Oil Helps You Burn Fat

With obesity being a huge problem and health risk that we are facing globally, there is always a need of new, effective, and preferably fast weight-loss programs that will help people better their life and overall health and get back on track.

Not only is a large calorie intake not good for you, but the source of where these numbers are coming from can also be very damaging.

Studies prove that consuming a minimal amount of coconut oil (which is at least fifteen to thirty grams) per day gives you five percent more energy during the span of twenty-four hours.

This will also result in weight-loss results as well so you should definitely make sure to adopt coconut oil in your diet plan.

4. Coconut Oil Cures Infections

The component of coconut oil called Lauric Acid is famous for destroying viruses, fungi as well as bacteria!

We all know that Staphylococcus is harmful bacteria.

Thanks to the fatty acids as well as other products within the coconut oil, it is capable of destroying the bacteria, as well as help treat other yeast infections.

5. Coconut oil makes you less hungry without you even noticing

Because of the way coconut oil goes through the metabolism of our body, it can actually make you less hungry. It has an effect on the body that reduces your appetite in a healthy way, thanks to its components.

During a research, scientists proved that people who consume more coconut oil during the morning actually eat less than people who eat their normal diet. They actually eat 256 calories less than they usually do on their normal day.

6. Ketones Take Care of Seizures

Nowadays, with more and more diet plans coming up online and everywhere, a new diet plan called the Ketogenic Diet has come up. This is the only diet fitness fanatics are currently swearing by.

The Ketogenic Diet is basically a diet that consists of a higher fat intake a day instead of carbs.

It has proven to be very beneficial for the overall health.

Currently, children struggling with epilepsy that is resistant to medication are using this diet.

The ketones absorbed in the body that go through the liver are very beneficial for making epilepsy seizures a lot less severe.

7. Eliminates the risk of heart disease

Since coconut oil consists of saturated fats, a lot of people think that it harms your cholesterol levels and the overall statistics of fats in your body. But that isn’t the case.

Studies have shown that saturated fats actually raise your cholesterol levels, but not the bad kind.

It raises the levels of the HDL cholesterol, which is the good one, but the LDL one’s levels are reduced.

LDL is the harmful cholesterol.

These results reduce your chances of developing a heart disease in the future.

8. Serves as a moisturizer for hair and skin

Now comes number eight in this list, which is probably the most famous fact for coconut oil.

The cosmetic industry is profiting off labels that claim their products contain coconut oil 24/7.

That’s because people know of the positive effects this liquid has over your skin and body.

You can use bare coconut oil to serve as a moisturizer for your skin, or you can mix it with a list of other ingredients that are good for you.

Using coconut oil as a moisturizer leaves your skin with a healthy, long lasting glow, and a soft feel of healthy skin with elasticity.

It also can be used as sunscreen!

Not only is it good for the skin, but if you use coconut oil for your hair you will feel its benefits in that area too.

Apply some coconut oil on the roots of your hair by massaging your hair once every couple of days before a shower.

Leave it until you feel that the oil has absorbed into your skin.

9. Improves Brain Function

If you are suffering from certain brain disorders and Alzheimer’s, it’s time to start incorporating coconut oil into your diet.

Alzheimer’s commonly appears within older age groups, and it’s usually caused by dementia.

Since the ketones are absorbed into the liver and serve as energy supplies for the body and are very beneficial for our health, scientists have proved that they can serve as very good and effective suppliers of energy for the brain, which is the main spot where these illnesses develop.

Coconut oil is known to trigger an improvement in the brain function that’s almost immediate.

10. Helps you lose stomach fat

We already know that coconut oil is good for weight loss, but it’s a little-known fact that it can be helpful for losing those pounds in the most problematic areas like the abdominal one as well.

For some reason still unknown, the oil destroys fat cells, particularly in the stomach areas. A study claims that by consuming thirty milliliters of the oil every day, you will notice changes in your stomach and waist area in about twelve weeks.

Since stomach fat is the most alarming and dangerous one, it’s good to take into consideration incorporating it into your diet.

11. … And last but not least of the coconut oil facts

If you have decided to finally incorporate coconut oil into your life, make sure to purchase only virgin coconut oil that is organic for the best possible results.

Via: RealFarmacy | HealthyHolisticLiving

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