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Protein Coffee: Benefits, Recommendations and Preparation

Protein coffee is an excellent drink to recover from a good training session. It manages to provide essential nutrients and antioxidants to reduce muscle damage. In addition, it is simple to prepare and has a flavor that is pleasing to coffee lovers.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the regular consumption of coffee has been shown to generate beneficial effects on health. The phytonutrients it concentrates improve biochemical and physiological parameters.

Benefits of Protein Coffee

When we consume a coffee with protein, we are obtaining the benefits of coffee and those of whey protein. These are the two ingredients that make up the drink, although you can add a few more.

The truth is that coffee provides antioxidants capable of regulating blood pressure in the medium term. This is evidenced by a study published in the journal Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy. It also reduces cardiovascular risk and the incidence of metabolic pathologies, such as diabetes.

In the sports context, the continued contribution of antioxidant substances is very important. This is because these compounds reduce inflammation and markers of muscle damage, facilitating recovery. Still, what you should not do is supplement with these elements. An excessive intake has been shown to negatively influence exercise adaptations.

For its part, whey protein improves muscle health. It helps to rebuild the fibers after a session of physical work and to avoid situations of catabolism. After a certain age, an inadequate supply of these nutrients can lead to sarcopenia, as stated by research published in the journal BioMed Research International.

It must be taken into account that a loss of lean tissue in advanced ages is usually accompanied by a reduction in strength. This parameter is associated with an increased risk of death from any cause.

Recommendations when preparing protein coffee

Protein coffee has to vary its ingredients depending on the time of day it is consumed. Until mid-afternoon there is no problem in introducing a variety of caffeinated coffee. However, as evening approaches it is best to opt for a decaffeinated option.

On the other hand, it is possible to make this drink with squid coffee or soluble coffee. Depending on the type of ingredient used, the final organoleptic characteristics will vary.

Likewise, the protein supplement also leaves room for choice. If this drink is going to be consumed during the day, it is best to opt for a whey protein. It has a high biological value and a simple and fast digestion. It does not usually lead to stomach or intestinal problems. However, to be sure, you can always buy one that contains enzymes that facilitate the task.

However, if the idea is to consume protein coffee at night, the use of casein-type protein is a better option. Despite also coming from milk, it has a much slower digestion. Its consumption during the moments before sleep generates an increase in endogenous nocturnal protein synthesis.

Preparation of the drink

Making a coffee with protein is very simple. You need a cup of squid coffee or the soluble version. It can be prepared with both milk and water. Even with plant-based drinks it could be fine, although not all proteins dissolve in this medium.

You need to pour the coffee into a glass or a large shaker and add a serving of whey or casein protein. It is also possible to prepare the drink with a vegetable protein supplement. This has a much easier digestion, although it is usually more expensive.

The best way to make coffee with protein is to choose a neutral supplement, that is, without flavor. Anyway, some scents can go well together. For example, adding a coffee-flavored protein will enhance the bottom line.

Be that as it may, the advantage of opting for neutral is the absence of added sugars and artificial sweeteners. It will always be a higher quality product.

To finish, you can add a little cinnamon for flavor. With this spice a superior supply of antioxidants is achieved. Everything is stirred until the protein dissolves completely and that’s it.

Chose protein coffee

Whether you exercise frequently or not, protein coffee is a drink that can be beneficial. It concentrates antioxidants and essential nutrients, as well as helping to meet daily protein requirements. It can be easily transported.

In addition, you can adapt the recipe according to the time of day in which it is to be consumed. Do not forget to check the labeling of the protein supplement used. It is always preferable that they have a purity certificate issued by an external laboratory.

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