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What is Orgasmic Meditation? Everything You Need to Know

The idea of bringing peace into your life, well-being, and a spiritual connection through clitoral stimulation may have occurred to very few people, but it exists – and it’s called OM or orgasmic meditation.

OneTaste is one of the movements that believe in OM as a powerful technique to heal, be happier, and more at peace. In fact, this organization is the fusion of consciousness with sexuality.

OM isn’t so much interested in the orgasmic end, but in the disconnection, emotional stability, and ecstasy that can be experienced on a spiritual level through female genital massage.

According to OneTaste orgasmic meditation is a unique wellness practice that combines mindfulness with the power of the deeply human, deeply felt experience of orgasm.

This organization claims that orgasmic meditation connects the body with sexuality. Among its qualities are that it’s safe, systematic – because it’s always done in the same way -, it doesn’t have any ulterior motives and it’s intimate. It only occurs between two people.

The time to perform OM is fifteen minutes. During this time, a man, called a stroker, massages the clitoris. While this occurs, the limbic system activates and the brain produces oxytocin.

Strokers don’t need to be partners with the women with whom they do the meditation. In fact, the meditation experience is separate from the sexual act itself.

How do you practice OM?

Orgasmic meditation sessions follow the following structure:

  • Women should undress from the waist down. The strokers have their clothes on.
  • The stroker must create the nest, that is, the space where the meditation will take place. For this, they’ll use a yoga mat and three cushions.
  • The lights remain on.
  • The stroker has a stopwatch, a hand towel, gloves, and a lubricant at their side.
  • The woman positions herself on the mat and lies on her back. Her knees should be bent.
  • The stroker is seated on her right side while using his left hand to stimulate her.
  • The timer should be set for thirteen minutes, as the other two minutes will be to relax and calm down.
  • The stroker should indicate to the woman when they’re going to touch them while smearing his index finger and thumb with lubricant.
  • The massage begins when the stroker stimulates the upper left quadrant of the clitoris with the index finger, moving up and down.
  • If the woman wishes, she can give instructions to the stroker and indicate how she wants to be stimulated.

When the thirteen minutes have elapsed, the stroker should place their right hand on top of the left and cover the female genitals, pressing gently and maintaining the position for two minutes.

After this time, the woman will regain her composure and then both can proceed to clear the area.

Orgasmic meditation: A method or a cult?

Due to the high costs of these sessions, some critics have even labeled it as a cult. However, the practice has strong advocates. For example, writer Rose Surnow has claimed that orgasmic meditation has taken her to a pleasurable and peaceful place. It’s completely changed the way she experiences sex.

Journalist Aurora Wells has also commented that, for her, this experience was “somewhat strange and clinical.” Other recognized media have also collected the opinions of different women who have practiced orgasmic meditation and they’ve referred that:

“There’s a strangely clinical pact… There’s no eye contact during orgasmic meditation. The idea, similar to tantric Buddhist sex, is to extend the sensory peak before reaching climax.”

However, this method differs from other practices because, as guru Shree Ramananda states:

“While traditional meditation had spiritual purposes, over the years it has evolved into a health or anxiety-reduction methodology and mindfulness therapy.”

The executive director of the OM Institute, Anjuly Ayer, has also said that meditation was strange for her, “as if I was floating… or my mind was separating itself from my body,” but with OM she can feel sensations in every part of her body.

It should be noted that climax isn’t the goal of OM, so the pressure of having to climax also disappears, and being touched becomes a more pleasurable experience for women.

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