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5 Impressive Health Benefits of Ghee

Ghee is a prized food from India that has taken the world by storm. So what exactly is ghee? Well, it’s clarified butter. Butter is heated until the milk solids and water can be removed leaving behind a fat with a high smoking point and a delicious nutty flavor.

The nutritional benefits of ghee can’t be denied either! Though this spread has got a lot of bad publicity over the years, the health benefits have made it a staple in many American homes.

In fact, countless individuals swear by this stuff so much, it can be found right next to the olive and coconut oil in every health fanatics pantry.

Health Benefits of Ghee

Here are some of the fantastic health benefits of ghee.

1. Free of Lactose and Casein

Individuals who have sensitive digestive systems must often avoid foods containing lactose and casein. These milk products aggravate the digestive tract and cause diarrhea, pain, bloating, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Many individuals who have these sensitivities turn to a vegan lifestyle and avoid dairy. Thankfully, ghee doesn’t have any dairy in it because it’s boiled away during the heating process, so it’s gentle enough for individuals with lactose intolerance and similar issues.

Cooking and consuming it can be done without the fear of inflammation and bloating as even the most lactose intolerant individual will find it’s a safe option.

2. Supports Weight Loss

To lose weight, most individuals think they need a fat-free diet plan. However, healthy fats, including ghee, are not bad for the body in moderation. It decreases the acidic PH levels in the gastrointestinal tract, and it helps remove toxins.

Ghee has butyric acid along with vitamins K, D, E, and A. So it keeps the gut healthy as well as assisting with weight loss. The spread mobilizes the stubborn fat in the body and helps flush it away.

Individuals can try taking a tablespoon on an empty stomach twice daily or mixing a little with some cow’s milk to help protect the nervous system and bones.

Since it’s appropriate for the ketogenic diet and other diet plans, this healthy fat can be used for cooking or consuming.

3. Builds Strong Bones

One thing essential to health is strong bones. Since ghee is made from pasteurized butter, it contains plenty of vitamin K2. This vitamin is necessary to thwart tooth decay and bring about proper bone development.

Studies show ghee can help modulate bone metabolism, which positively affects calcium balance. There’s no need to worry about atherosclerosis when on a regular regimen of this healthy fat.

When it comes to expectant mothers, research has proven ghee can help with both facial and dental development in the fetus. It’s easy to see why so many individuals in India use it for religious rituals and medicinal purposes as the benefits are outstanding.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Butyrate is a fatty acid found in ghee that helps reduce inflammation in the body. It makes the body alkaline and reduces leukotriene secretions. This monounsaturated fatty acid can only be found in the fantastic properties of ghee.

When an individual has inflammation within the body, there is seepage that occurs with undigested food particles. These acids stop seepage and help repair the mucosal wall. By creating an alkaline environment, inflammation doesn’t stand a chance.

Individuals with chronic inflammation problems report having a drastic improvement by taking just two tablespoons of ghee a day. Not to mention as its free of lactose and casein, it makes stomach bloating a thing of the past.

5. It’s Perfect for the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet takes things one step further than other dieting plans focused on lowering an individual’s carbohydrate intake.

With this eating style, the goal is to replace carbohydrates with healthy fats. In the standard keto diet, individuals are supposed to consume roughly seventy-five percent fat, twenty-percent protein, and five percent carbohydrates.

Countless keto diet recipes include ghee or grass-fed butter, because the vibrant flavors really make recipes pop, in addition to the fat benefits.

When it comes to ketosis, it’s all about increasing the medium-chain triglycerides. Ghee has twenty-five percent of MCTs, while butter only has about twelve percent. These high levels will boost an individual’s cognitive function and energy levels.

Also, the keto diet, when used with a high level of MCTs, can reportedly help prevent cancer. Since glucose feeds cancer cells, replacing glucose with high healthy fat levels starves it.

Via: CulinaryNutrition | OrganicFacts

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