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9 Surprising Health Benefits of Cucumber Juice

How often do you drink cucumber juice? Do you know the benefits of cucumber juice?

Most people add cucumber to their smoothies or salads because they say that it’s healthy and it helps keep us in shape.

However, that’s not all it does. In fact, cucumber juice is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that fight a large number of diseases that may cause you problems.

Health Benefits of Cucumber Juice

In this article, you’ll find out about all the benefits of cucumber juice. We’re sure that you’ll end up wanting to include it more often in your diet.

1. Excellent source of vitamin A

Cucumber juice from one whole cucumber without skin or seeds contains between 86 and 109 IU of vitamin A.

This vitamin is important for our health because of its antioxidant function. It:

  • Improves your eye health,
  • Promotes bone growth.
  • Improves the reproduction and normal division of cells,
  • Maintains the health of your respiratory system,
  • Promotes the proper functioning of the urinary tract,
  • Improves gastrointestinal health.

2. Keeps you energized

Cucumber juice stands out for its high content of group B vitamins, which makes it an ideal energy drink.

A glass of cucumber juice gives you more nutrients and energy than any commercial alternative that claims to do the same.

In addition, cucumber juice is predominately made up of water. This means that you stay hydrated without consuming many calories.

If you’re currently drinking too many energy drinks, try changing them for this juice for one week. You’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Also, because it’s cheaper, your wallet will also feel the benefits!

3. Amazing source of dietary fiber

Cucumber juice has a high dietary fiber content. This type of fiber is important for improving digestion and maintaining a healthy weight.

Ideally, you should consume a high portion of fiber every day to avoid constipation, as well as complications in the colon and hemorrhoids.

If you already have any of these problems, try to drink a glass of cucumber juice every day and reduce your intake of processed foods.

In a few days, you’ll feel less discomfort. Also, your sugar and cholesterol levels will improve.

4. It contains vitamin K

Drinking cucumber juice regularly strengthens your bones and teeth.

A cup of cucumber juice provides 19% of the vitamin K that a woman should consume per day and 14% of the amount required by men.

Vitamin K is vital for proper blood circulation. When you don’t consume enough vitamin K, you may experience constant hemorrhages.

5. Regulates the body temperature

Another benefit of cucumber juice is that it has anti-inflammatory properties which also cool the body

Just drink a glass of cucumber juice after your workout or when you feel too hot to feel the benefits.

To add an extra bit of flavor, you can add lemon juice, some mint leaves or two ice cubes to your drink.

6. Restores the pH levels

Cucumber juice is an excellent source of vitamin A. This means that it regulates your stomach acid. Also, it eliminates toxins from the liver.

Drinking a glass of cucumber juice twice a week is enough to get the benefits.

Make sure you don’t sweeten it or add any other processed ingredients.

7. Contains sodium

Drinking a glass of cucumber juice every day will help improve the volume and blood pressure of your body.

In recent years, it seems that there has been much discussion with regards to sodium as something negative for the body. Although it’s true that too much can cause damage to the kidneys, your nerves and muscles need sodium to function properly.

8. You’ll have fresher breath

Do you have bad breath problems? Even if you have good oral hygiene, that doesn’t mean that you never have bad breath.

In this case, you should know that one of the benefits of cucumber juice is that it will refresh your breath straight away. This is due to the phytochemicals that this drink contains which kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

You can add some mint leaves and then blend it for better results.

9. It’s a hangover cure

The last of the health benefits of cucumber juice is one that you’ll definitely love if you’re someone who likes to party and drink a lot of alcohol, because cucumber juice helps you get rid of a hangover.

Thanks to its electrolytes, this drink gets rid of headaches and excessive thirst caused by alcohol.

Prepare a good amount of cucumber juice just before partying and store in the refrigerator.

When you get up, drink one glass and continue drinking it throughout the day.

Via: SFGate | HuffPost

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