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Having Sex in Public: Risks and Advantages

When it comes to sex, there are a lot of important factors, and one of them is the setting. Therefore, having sex in public is an idea that many find very attractive. After all, it raises libido and adrenaline.

However, no matter how exciting it can be, it can also have its downsides. With that in mind, we’ll tell you all about the advantages and risks of sexual relations in public in the article below.

Having Sex in Public

The first thing we need to remember when considering this debate is the fact that not everyone has their own home. Therefore, having sexual relationship in public isn’t always about satisfying some sexual fantasy. Rather, it’s one of the few options they have.

Then, of course, there are couples that are simply tired of the same old routine. So, in order to bring some excitement back into their sex life, they decide it’s time to try something new. In other words, having sex in “prohibited” places–i.e. in public.

And finally, there are some people who simply get more excited about the idea of having sex in this kind of setting. They enjoy that feeling of living on the edge and the risk of being seen. So, in this case, having sex in public is a way of satisfying a sexual fantasy.

Advantages of Having Sex in Public

A different kind of excitation

If the fear of someone seeing you doesn’t stress you out and you can get lost in the moment, then having sex in public can produce a new sort of excitement. The excitation is different from the usual, routine experience of sex… and even more intense.

Indeed, having sex in public, the risk of being seen, of doing something prohibited, has a physiological effect. It increases adrenaline levels, heart rate, and muscle tension. This, in itself, is a form of excitation.

Therefore, the anticipation of having sex in public can produce a different, more intense sort of excitement.

Increased complicity between partners

Doing something that’s prohibited, risky, and exciting together turns partners into accomplices. Indeed, you become co-participants and need one another’s trust in order to make it happen. It’s almost like you’re perpetuating a crime together.

So, another one of the advantages of sex in public is the fact that it boosts a sense of complicity between partners. What’s more, given that the act will almost always remain a secret, the sense of complicity will last over time.

Sex in public is the only option some people have

As we mentioned above, some couples simply don’t have a private place where they can be intimate together.

What’s more, they may not have sufficient economic means in order to pay for a hotel room, for example. So, having sex in public places ends up being the only choice they have.

A break from the routine

Especially when it comes to couples whose sex life has become monotonous, sex in public spaces can be a new adventure. It’s a great way to make a change and break away from routine.

What’s more, the sense of “misbehaving” together can boost your sex life and bring it back to life. At the same time, having sex in a different setting (rather than at home in your bed) is also enticing. By fulfilling this sexual fantasy, you’ll add more excitement and desire to your relationship.

The Risks

The Law

Whether you like it or not, sex in public is illegal in the United States. Even though it’s usually a misdemeanor, you really don’t want things like “lewd acts” or “indecent exposure” on your record. So, before running any risks, be sure to find out what’s legal and what isn’t in your state.

It could end up on the internet

A couple that has sex in public probably only worries about someone catching them in the act. And actually, for some, that risk only adds to the excitement and adrenaline.

However, many partners forget to consider the fact that someone could spot them and then start taking pictures or filming the act. As a result, your exciting rendezvous could end up on the internet and social media, turning into a true nightmare.


Up to this point, we’ve discussed sex in public as an act between two partners that are in a relationship. However, in recent years, a new form of public sex has become popular. “Dogging” consists of having sex with strangers, without the existence of any sort of relationship beyond the sexual act itself.

In fact, there are even specialized websites and apps that help arrange this type of encounter between participants. What’s more, there are specific or habitual places where these kinds of encounters tend to take place.

This is an extreme form of sex in public. In fact, it’s not just about having sex in places like public bathrooms, cars, or secluded places in the woods. Many actually voluntarily have sex in open areas with the hopes of being seen by onlookers.

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