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11 Ways to Fight Insomnia Naturally and Get Better Sleep

To fight insomnia and sleep better the best choices are natural remedies. Why? Because with pharmaceuticals your body can develop a tolerance so that each time you need to take a larger dose. This in itself is a kind of addiction.

In this article, we present some of the best natural remedies to combat insomnia and sleep better. You’ll see that that they’re very simple, but effective. Be sure to try them out!

11 Ways to Fight Insomnia and Get Better Sleep

These remedies don’t just help you get to sleep easier. They also give you a better quality of sleep, since often your sleep might be light, and when you wake up you don’t feel like you have much energy.

1. Warm foot bath

Submerge your feel in some quite hot water (without burning yourself) for 20 to 30 minutes. This is a hydrotherapy technique that produces a great sensation of well-being, especially on a cold day, or if you’re someone who often feels cold. You can, if you wish, add a little sea salt or bicarbonate of soda to the water. However, the important thing is to cover your feet well as soon as they’re out of the bath.

2. Meditation and relaxation

If your insomnia is caused by stress, anxiety, excess work, or worries, you should look for techniques to calm your mind, such as meditation, or relaxation exercises like stretching or yoga, etc.

The important thing is to dedicate 30 minutes per day to just relax and try to maintain a clear mind at the same time.

3. Have a light and early dinner

If you have dinner late or eat too much you will overload your liver and this will make it difficult to sleep. Eating light foods that are easy to digest, at the latest 2 hours before going to bed, is the best remedy for those people who wake up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason.

4. Relaxing massages

Massage or self-massage with relaxing essential oils (lavender, chamomile, angelica, Melissa) is one of the most effective and pleasant remedies for insomnia and night-time worrying.

5. Follow daylight hours

To address insomnia and sleep better, one very simple (and effective) piece of advice is to follow daylight hours. But this we mean get up at dawn and go to bed after sunset. This makes us adapt to solar rhythms and to the seasons, which is not always possible with work and family obligations.

However, it’s a great way to balance you sleep and waking activities.

6. Get some sun

Get some sun during the day. Just 10 minutes per day, without solar protection, can also help to regulate our biorhythm. Exposure to the sun is harmful if you do it too much. However, it’s a great technique if you use some common sense.

7. Calming foods

To fight insomnia and sleep better we also recommend that, apart from in the evening, you eat some foods with relaxing properties, like cooked vegetables, for example. There are also some really revitalizing fruits, such as apples, or kiwis, which are also very relaxing. As far as cereals are concerned, oats are highly recommended.

8. Hot water bottle

Place a hot water bottle over your ribs on the right-hand side for half an hour before you go to bed. This trick improves liver function and helps fight insomnia. It also provides a great sensation of well-being and prepares you for a good night’s sleep.

9. Clay poultice

If you have weakened intestines, or if you are going through a highly stressful time, we recommend using a clay poultice on your belly. Keep it there at least half an hour, although it would be better to keep it there throughout the night.

10. Magnesium bath

If you have a bathtub at home, you should definitely try this one. Run yourself a bath of hot water and magnesium sulphate (100 g) before you go to bed. You’ll not only sleep without any problems, but it also will improve the function of the nervous system and will help to soothe any possible pain or tension. Bathe for at least half an hour and then go straight to bed.

11. Floral essences

Bach flowers are very useful floral essences for fighting insomnia and sleeping better. They’re also a great help in cases of emotional instability. Furthermore, they don’t have side-effects or interact with any other mediation. You also can’t get addicted to them. For combatting insomnia, we recommend the following:

  • White chestnut. For calming worries.
  • For those who suffer from intermittent sleep.
  • For very nervous or impulsive people.
  • For people who hide their worries behind a facade of happiness.
  • For those who work too much.

Via: A.Vogel | U.S.News | OnHealth

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