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Category: Health

What are Trace Elements

Trace Elements: Why Are They Important?

Trace elements play an important role in health functions. In fact, experts estimate that they fulfill at least five functions in living organisms. They’re also known as trace metals, and you can usually get them …
Coffee and Heart Attacks

The Relationship Between Coffee and Heart Attacks

There’s a link between coffee and heart attacks, but scientific studies on the subject differ. For some researchers, its consumption ameliorates cardiovascular function, and for others, it improves it. Coffee occupies an important place among …
Types of Newborn Rashes

5 Most Common Types of Newborn Rashes

There are five types of newborn rashes you should know about. They’re the following: diaper rash, baby acne, cradle cap, pediatric atopic dermatitis, and baby heat rash. In this article, we’ll share their main characteristics, …
Overcome Bacterial Gastroenteritis

5 Simple Steps to Overcome Bacterial Gastroenteritis

Bacterial gastroenteritis is a digestive illness that develops because of an inflammation of the stomach and intestines. It occurs because certain pathogenic bacteria manage to proliferate inside the intestines, causing an infection. Today, we want …
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