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10 Early Warning Signs of Kidney Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

An estimated number approaching almost two million Americans are suffering from problems with kidney damage.

Kidneys are the two twin organs in our body that are responsible for getting rid of the toxic waste and excess particles and other things our body doesn’t need by flushing it all out through urination.

This is why they’re so important for the body.

Not only that but maintaining your body temperature, as well as the pH levels and balancing out the electrolyte count is one of the lists of things the kidneys do for us.

Even though the estimated number counts a demographic primarily above the age of sixty, it still doesn’t say anything about the risks and exposure of the age groups that are younger.

This is why everyone should be aware on how to spot problem regarding the urinal tract and how to spot what’s going on so you can get the proper help and make it be on time.

signs of kidney damage

10 Warning Signs of Kidney Damage

1. Urine Color Change

One of the key things that usually show up first when people are having issues with their kidneys is the shift in color of the urine. If your urine is foamy and green, it indicates severe kidney failure danger.

If it’s brown, yellow, or dark-golden, it indicates that your kidneys are in serious to mild trouble, which you should get a checkup, either way, to prevent more damage. It’s good to always keep an eye on this.

2. Lower-Back Pain

If you are experiencing some pain in your lower back side, it can indicate something completely harmless like sleeping for way too long, or not moving too much while sitting uncomfortably, but it could also give you signs of kidney damage. Especially if the pain is followed by a painful urination.

If you are experiencing the latter, make sure to go and speak to a professional to make sure everything is okay.

3. Random Swelling

If you’ve noticed that you’re beginning to get swelled up on certain parts of your body which are not something that happens, this could be due to the toxins not being able to get flushed from your system since the kidneys are not working as they should.

You shouldn’t ignore this and if you’re feeling pain, discomfort, and swelling in the areas below the stomach, go and get a checkup.

4. Frequent Skin Problems

Since the toxins aren’t out of your system, this is why you’ll experience these strange, random symptoms, because nothing is going to work properly if you still have toxins in you.

If your skin is starting to break out, get dry and itchy if you start to develop rashes and random skin infections out of nowhere, make sure to speak to a professional, especially if this occurrence is abnormal for your skin type and system overall.

It’s essential to be awake and to be able to recognize these symptoms of kidney damage all in due time since it can all progress into something a lot more severe and dangerous, which you can all avoid by getting a check-up and following your doctor’s instructions.

5. Fatigue

If you’re starting to feel dizzy and like you cannot control it during the day, and if you’re feeling weak, it’s probably because of the lack of flushed toxic particles in your system.

This triggers fatigue since the red blood cells in your system don’t get enough oxygen because of the lack of release of the toxins that affect your overall health in every way possible.

Other Symptoms Include

  • Losing your breath – Because of the lack of oxygen in the red blood cells, you might be short of breath, which will lead to feeling discomfort throughout your entire system, and you will find yourself taking deep breaths
  • Metabolic acidosis – Metabolic acidosis is a chemical disbalance in your system which happens due to the lack of removal of toxins in your system
  • Lethargy – If you’re feeling constantly sleepy and fatigue, chances are that you’re lethargic. If you start vomiting blood or are feeling like you’re lacking a lot of energy, make sure to get a check-up since this is due to kidney failure
  • Anemia – The lack of toxins release is something that triggers your blood cells as well. They’re lacking oxygen, as well as red blood cells
  • Tachycardia – Your heart will be beating fast because of the lack of oxygen in the red blood cells

In order to protect and preserve your kidney health, you should make sure that you’re getting your daily dose of exercise, look out for your blood pressure to be all in check and in balance.

Avoid cigarettes, and make sure you’re getting enough fluids to refresh your body, eat healthy foods mostly consisting of fruits and vegetables, and don’t take any medication before speaking to a professional.

Via: HealthLiving | MedicineNetWorldKidneyDay

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