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5 Proven Health Benefits of Quinoa

Dietary trends are all the rage, and they change like the seasons. There seems to be a new diet or a new workout plan on the market at every drop of the hat, and they all promise to be the best thing individuals never knew they needed.

However, it’s not a dietary trend that helps individuals get fit and healthy. It’s a lifestyle change that allows individuals to eat well, but get healthier as a result.

By replacing unhealthy meals with healthier ones, individuals can do just that. Quinoa, for example, is a great substitute for many types of rice and pasta, and many individuals are unaware of just how good it is for them.

Health Benefits of Quinoa

Learn about the best health benefits of consuming quinoa now.

1. Naturally Gluten-Free

Quinoa is naturally gluten-free, which makes it a great option for anyone dealing with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.

When someone lives with celiac disease, their body cannot tolerate gluten to the point where they simply cannot consume it at all. Some individuals have what’s referred to as gluten sensitivity, though they do not suffer from celiac disease.

However, sometimes individuals want to go gluten-free even if they do not deal with either of these conditions. It is important to understand going gluten-free is not a diet plan for individuals without a medical need to so.

There’s no evidence eating a gluten-free diet is healthier for individuals can consume gluten without ill effects, like the ones seen in celiac disease.

2. Extremely High in Fiber

Quinoa has more fiber than just about any other grain product. Fiber is an important dietary supplement for everyone, as it helps reduce blood sugar, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and can help with weight loss.

The way it helps with weight loss is by making individuals feel fuller longer, thus they typically consume less food this way. Another great health benefit of fiber is it cleans the colon.

It’s often compared to a brush in that it goes through the colon and cleans out all the build-up. By keeping the colon clean, individuals can reduce their risk of colon cancer.

Fiber also helps regulate the digestive system by reducing constipation. Individuals who consume a lot of fiber are able to use the bathroom more easily and more regularly.

Quinoa has twice the amount of fiber as other grains, which is yet another reason to put it on a grocery list instead of other grains.

3. Helps Control Blood Sugar

Individuals who live with diabetes often find eating more quinoa is great in helping them manage their blood sugar. The glycemic index of quinoa is only fifty-three, which is on the low-end.

It won’t cause blood sugar to spike because it’s both fiber and protein. Grains require amino acids to create protein, and most don’t have that.

Quinoa is the one grain that does, which is a major reason why it’s considered so health. Even individuals who don’t have diabetes will benefit from avoiding blood sugar spikes, so it’s a good alternative to other types of grains for just about everyone.

When an individual’s blood sugar is regularly high, even when diabetes is not involved, they can damage their blood vessels, nerves, and even their organs.

4. Benefits Metabolic Health

Individuals unfamiliar with the importance of good metabolic health must know poor metabolic health is the leading cause of many health issues. For example, individuals with poor metabolic health risk suffering from diabetes, stroke, heart disease, heart attacks, and certain forms of cancer.

Most individuals assume their metabolic health is great because the number on the scale is a healthy one, but it’s not always the case.

One of the biggest misconceptions about being a healthy weight is they are, therefore, healthy overall. Unless an individual is physically active and eating a healthy diet regularly, they are probably not as healthy as they assume.

Thankfully, however, consuming quinoa regularly helps increase an individual’s metabolic health, thus reducing the negative consequences of poor metabolic health.

5. Helps with Weight Loss

The concept of weight loss is simple. If individuals eat fewer calories than they burn every day, they will lose weight. Quinoa is a low-calorie food, but it’s even more beneficial because it contains numerous properties that further aid in weight loss.

For one, it’s high in protein, diets high in protein are great for increasing an individual’s metabolism, helping them burn more calories in a day.

Eating more protein also helps individuals feel full longer, particularly when combined with fiber, which quinoa has a lot of as mentioned.

Feeling fuller longer means individuals are not eating as much during the day, thus reducing their overall calories consumed. Provided they remain active, they can therefore easily burn more calories and watch the weight fall off.

Via: MedicalNewsToday | SelfHacked

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