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10 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks Everyone Needs to Know

Cleaning your home is not an easy job, and it requires plenty of time in order to have everything under control. No matter if you like to do it or not, you have to do it, and because of that you must be always on the look-out of finding some easy solutions or ways. So, you are at the right place as in this article we shall present you efficient household cleaning tips and tricks.

10 Top Household Cleaning Tips and Ideas

1. Carpet and Mattress Stains

Combine hydrogen peroxide and dish soap and then apply it onto the stains of the mattresses and carpets. The stains will be removed quickly and easily.

2. Sticky Mess

This type of mess is extremely difficult to clean, but with this technique you will manage to eliminate the spots easily and successfully. All you have to do is to mix equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda.

Easy Household Cleaning Tips

3. Bathroom

For more effective power of the alkaline cleansers fill up the bath tub with warm water, in fact, it will double their effectiveness.

4. Toilet Rings

For ideally clean toilet rings place a piece of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the toilet and let it stand during the night. In the morning, you will find your toilet rings perfectly clean.

5. Cleaning Sponge

Bacteria can spread on the sponge you use for washing the dishes, and consequently it will spread on your dishes an eventually the bacteria will enter your body. Therefore, protect yourself from the bacteria by putting your cleaning sponge in the microwave for two minutes, in that way you will destroy all of the bacteria.

6. Washing Machine

Clean your washing machine by pouring two cups of vinegar in it, and then set it for one cycle of around1 hour. After that, turn the machine on once again for another full cycle. If there is still dirt, scrub it by using a sponge and white vinegar. Next, put two cups of bleach and leave it like that to soak for 1 hour. Clean the knows, the covers, the crannies and nooks with cotton swabs. Start the machine again and set it for one more full cycle. By using this procedure, you will have shiny and clean washing machine.

7. Baseboards

Filthy baseboards can be cleaned with fabric softener sheets.

8. Water Stains on Taps

Water stains are always there on the kitchen and bathroom taps, no matter if they are cleaned frequently. However, there is a trick that can prevent their reoccurrence, and that is wax paper. Use wax paper to rub the taps, this will prevent the reappearance of finger and water spots.

9. Light Bulbs

The bulbs need to be cleaned as well, and for that purpose we suggest you to use a microfiber cloth.

10. Fragrant Rooms

Every house should smell nicely especially if you have finished everything with the cleaning part. But, not all air fresheners smell nice and we are always doubtful about their content as most of them are packed with chemicals. There is a natural homemade freshener which will offer you great smell free of chemicals.

Homemade Air Freshener


  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 2 bottle caps of pure vanilla extract


Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them nicely. Then, put the bowl in an oven and let it stay there for an hour at a temperature of 300 degrees. In this way, your home will smell amazingly, and all your guests will wonder how you have managed that.

We are hoping that we helped you with these household cleaning tips to make your home shiny and clean. Moreover, all these ten household cleaning tips and tricks will save you the precious time used for cleaning which you can use for yourself. If you like these tips, share them with your friends and family.

Via: DiyHomeThings

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