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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is nothing more than a non-competitive sports practice that involves traveling through mountainous areas. Today we are going to discover some of the benefits of hiking and the reasons why we should all practice it at some time.

Hiking is a light way to do physical exercise, at the same time that we enjoy the contact with the nature. It is a practice suitable for any age and it is not necessary to be in excellent physical shape.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Hiking

With all this, let’s see some of the incredible benefits of hiking.

1. Hiking improves our cardiovascular health

Hiking prevents us from becoming sedentary people that do not perform any type of physical exercise, something that has dire consequences. The lack of activity is harmful to our health, especially for cardiovascular. If, at least, we do this sport activity once a week or two, we will already be taking advantage of the benefits of hiking.

As we persevere in this activity, we will notice how we will have more resistance, in addition to that our body will oxygenate better. Thanks to hiking, our lung capacity increases and our heart becomes stronger. This will help prevent future diseases related to the cardiovascular system and, also, the respiratory one.

2. Increases our self-esteem

Another benefit of hiking is that it helps us increase our self-esteem. If we are going through a bad time or an experience has caused our self-esteem to be at the minimum, hiking can help us with this.

The simple fact of do something of exercise already increases our self-esteem. Not only because we will look better physically, but because we will feel better. In addition, when we exercise we release endorphins, the hormones of happiness. Therefore, when we are bad, it is recommended that we exercise.

Now, this is not all. The increase in self-esteem can also be obtained from contact with nature, something that is always very therapeutic. Discovering new routes and encountering different landscapes can help us more than we can think.

3. Hiking allows us to make new friends

Perhaps we have never thought about it, but in some areas hiking groups are held in which we can carry out this practice with other people. However, this is not necessary. When making a hiking trail we will meet people who are fond of this exercise with which, perhaps, we can establish a friendship.

If we need to leave our comfort zone or meet other people, this is an excellent activity. Let’s find if in our city there are groups to carry out this practice or let us venture to go alone. Sure, although we go alone, at some point we will be accompanied.

4. Increases the bone density

One of the benefits of hiking, like any other similar physical activity, is that it increases our bone density. For when we exercise, not only our muscles or our figure benefit from it. So, do our bones.

After 40 years we are at a higher risk of suffering osteoporosis. This risk increases even more in women. Therefore, if we want to prevent it, we can start hiking from now on. The sooner we start practicing this activity, the sooner we will benefit of all the good that can bring us.

5. Helps us to fight insomnia

If we have trouble sleeping, either due to the heat of summer or because we are very stressed, hiking will help us improve our sleep quality. The reason is that any physical activity helps us relieve stress and relaxes us propitiating that we can, thus, sleep better.

As we have said, you do not need great skills to get all the benefits of hiking. All you need is the desire and willingness to carry out this activity, at least once or twice a week. With an hour or two is enough to take advantage of this sport.

The weekend is an excellent time for hiking and discover new routes and new people. There are many places, even in our city, which we do not know yet. What are you waiting for to put on your backpack and start taking advantage of all the benefits of hiking?

Via: TravelersSociety | JoyViva

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