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The Best Weight Loss Exercises Every Woman Should Know

Losing weight can be a difficult process. This is especially true for people who are a few pounds overweight and want to slim down quickly. One important key is for people to find the best weight loss exercises.

Then, based on the number of calories you burn with these exercises, you’ll get the results you want.

Discipline is important to getting what you want. Besides losing weight, you’ll get many other benefits, like:

  • Toning your muscles
  • Increasing your physical resistance
  • Improving your breathing ability
  • Reducing your triglycerides and bad cholesterol

What are The Best Weight Loss Exercises?

Best Weight Loss Exercises

Stationary bicycle

How much weight you lose with this exercise will depend on how fast you go. You can even use stationary bikes outside for better exercising and relaxation.

This is a very easy exercise to do. Plus, besides helping you to lose weight, it gives you a lot of cardio resistance. This is a competitive sport. If you do it around other people, you’ll have more things motivating you.

With stationary bicycling, you can burn up to 500 calories per hour.

Walks and hikes

This is one of the best weight loss exercises. This is because you’re making an effort that’s based on aerobics when you go faster.

The amount of exercise that you use over the course of your walk will focus on your legs, glutes, and hips. This is because they’re the areas that are involved with the work of taking each step.

Walk for an hour per day four times per week. By doing this, you’ll start to see results you’re looking for after two weeks.

By taking a walk, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour.


Swimming is a perfect exercise for trying to lose weight. Plus, it helps you to burn the fat that builds up in different areas of your body. It’s also the perfect exercise for summer.

With each hour you work out, you’re burning approximately 650 calories. This exercise also tones the muscles that you use for each movement.

If you want this exercise to stay one of your favorites, leave 30 minutes after a hard swim to relax.

The doesn’t just help your muscles to float effortlessly. It also helps to oxygenate all of your body. This is a low-impact exercise that has fantastic results.

When you swim, you can burn up to 650 calories per hour.


Constantly running is a very effective exercise when you’re trying to lose weight. Running helps you do this quickly and effectively.

With racquetball, both your arms and legs are strengthened. This is because they are used as much as possible.

Also, it’s a workout you can do with other people. This makes it much more entertaining!

Playing racquetball, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour.

Elliptical machines

This exercise requires an elliptical machine. It’s a great option for burning fat, losing weight in a short amount of time, and toning your muscles.

On this machine, time can pass quickly. This is especially true because you can watch TV, talk with someone else, or even listen to music.

If you get bored exercising at the gym, this is the best option. This is because you won’t believe how quickly time passes. Plus, it has great effects for your body. It makes you thinner and gives you a more toned body.

With an elliptical machine, you can burn up to 600 calories per hour.


Rowing is a perfect exercise for strengthening your arms and your abs.

If you want the exercise to be more interesting, you can join a rowing club close to you. You can try the slowest sessions, or even the fastest, most intense ones.

You might also prefer to use the rowing machine at a gym. If so, get ready to enjoy and feel your body after you lose those pounds and tone your muscles.

With rowing, you can burn up to between 500 and 600 calories per hour.

Enjoy the best weight loss exercises and reach your dream of reaching your ideal weight. This will help both your health and give you a fantastic appearance!

Via: Prevention | WomensHealth

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